Pet Friendly Flooring

If you’re a pet lover, questions like: ‘Is there flooring that doesn’t scratch with pets?’, ‘What’s the best floor for pets?’ and ‘How do I remove pet stains from carpet?’ may be plaguing your mind.

Pet Friendly Flooring That Doesn’t Scratch

Don’t fret! Total Floor Store is here to help you make the most out of your flooring, without condemning your fur babies to live outside. For Toowoomba homeowners, Total Floor Store is the specialist in pet friendly flooring and will help you and your family to find the best floors for living with pets. Choose from scratch-proof laminate flooring, Triexta pet-friendly carpet, waterproof hybrid flooring and more.


Waterproof & Scratch Proof Laminate Flooring

For the perfect solution to your flooring, choose the affordable and long-lasting option of Laminate Flooring. The surface of our popular laminate pet friendly flooring is both waterproof and scratch proof, making it one of the best floors for pets. Choosing the right flooring for your home is about more than just aesthetics, it's about durability, strength and creating a home that is suitable for your whole family, pets included. Total Floor Store prides itself on being pioneers in the way laminate floors are made, so it’s about more than what our floors can do for your personal interior style, it’s about the quality of manufacturing.

Waterproof & Scratch Proof Hybrid Flooring

Total Floor Store’s Hybrid Flooring offers Toowoomba homeowners superior stability, durability and waterproofing, so you don’t have to worry about spills, excitement-induced accidents or pet scratches impacting your aesthetic or the overall quality. Hybrid or Rigid flooring is stylish, sophisticated and offers the perfect flooring solution for Australian families with pets. As it is both scratch proof and waterproof in its surface, it is by far one of the best floors for pets!

Triexta Flooring: Pet Friendly Carpet

With a 25-year warranty and a lifetime pet protection warranty for animal mishaps, Triexta Pet Friendly Carpet is the best floor for pets in households that prefer carpet. You'll love the softness, strength and durability of our pet friendly carpet options because, when it comes to the pet friendly flooring options at Total Floor Store, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for convenience.


For superior pet friendly carpet or hardwood laminate and hybrid floors, feel free to give Total Floor Store a call today or contact us online now.



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