Water Proof Flooring

What’s the best flooring to use in wet areas of your Toowoomba home? The experienced and professional manufacturers at Total Floor Store are here to tell you what flooring options can get wet.

Waterproof Flooring Options for Queensland Homes

The experienced and professional manufacturers at Total Floor Store are here to tell you what flooring options can get wet, whether you should utilise timber flooring in your home and what flooring options are pet-friendly. 


Can I Have Timber Floors in my Bathroom? 

Timber Flooring options are popular amongst Queensland homeowners because their aesthetic is known throughout the country as a superior interior choice. However, though nothing may surpass your desire for real timber flooring in the home, timber is actually not waterproof and may become damaged over time in your bathroom, or if you have pets and young children in the home. If your priorities lie in waterproof floors, we suggest the cost-effective alternative of Vinyl Flooring. Vinyl flooring is built to withstand the flow of daily life and with a 15-year domestic wear warranty, vinyl planks offer a worry-free flooring option that is guaranteed to last.


Can I Have Timber Floors in my Kitchen?

Similarly, the kitchen is a popular place for timber flooring, but for homeowners who are looking for waterproof floors in the kitchen, Total Floor Store suggests Hybrid Flooring. Hybrid flooring offers stability, durability and waterproofing for your kitchen or any wet or pet-friendly area in the home. Hybrid flooring offers the perfect flooring solution for Australian families, as well as retail and commercial spaces, because it mimics hardwood flooring at a more cost-effective and long-lasting level than timber. 


What’s the Best Flooring to Use for my Pets?

You may be wondering, ‘Will pet accidents damage my floor?’ If you’re a pet-owning household in Toowoomba, then we have you covered in all things pet-friendly flooring! We offer superior options like Laminate Flooring, which is both cost-effective and completely pet-friendly. With waterproof and scratchproof benefits, laminate flooring is a popular choice for households in humid climates that want their flooring to last. 


What’s the Best Flooring to Use in Wet Areas?

Consider laminate flooring for waterproof surfaces, hybrid flooring for scratchproof surfaces and vinyl flooring for superior aesthetics that will maintain long lasting in quality in your humid Queensland home for years to come!


Here at Total Floor Store, we pride ourselves on our huge range of waterproof flooring and pet-friendly flooring, and we’d be happy to help you find the best option on the market for your home. Simply call us or send through an enquiry online and get started on your renovation with the Queensland experts!


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